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Background Screening Benefit from New Technology

May 11, 2020 MicroBilt News

Background Screening Benefit from New Technology

The current pandemic is forcing millions of people out of work. Businesses that are hiring during these trying economic times are now facing massive floods of applicants for available positions.

Unfortunately, many desperate, recently unemployed, people flooding the job market all at once creates a condition ripe for people to misrepresent their education, skills, abilities, experience, and certifications. Combine that with so many organizations operating with minimal staff, and vetting applicants the traditional way becomes more difficult than ever.

However, new technology is changing the background screening landscape for businesses. At a time when many businesses are losing highly skilled and qualified employees who must now stay home to care for loved ones affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever that businesses are able to replace those employees with equally qualified candidates and not people making false claims or who have fraudulent intent.

While even the best background screening software available can’t effectively predict intent, it can reveal red flags, such as:

  • Past criminal behavior of applicants.
  • Inconsistencies in work and educational histories.
  • Motor vehicle licensing and driving records.
  • Civil judgments against applicants that may be relevant to your business interests.
  • Verify the identity of applicants.

Advanced technology in the background screening process allows you to know more about the candidates you’re closely considering for certain positions as you approach your hiring decisions even when facing a lack of assistance from companies that have closed either temporarily or permanently during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as those that are sorely understaffed and may not be diligent about returning phone call inquiries regarding previous employees.

During a time when your goal, as a business owner, is to find superstars in your industry amongst the masses of applicants for available jobs, background screening software that utilized the latest technology can be instrumental in helping you weed out those who are making false claims about their experience, ability, and knowledge in your field.

As the crisis continues and uncertainty about the future lingers, the number of people facing joblessness and massive delays in unemployment assistance programs will cause even greater panic among the public who will sometimes consider misrepresenting their skills and abilities out of desperation. This software can be essential for helping you weed out those who are not qualified for the jobs you have available. It will also help you identify potentially unscrupulous applicants seeking to defraud your organization based on their previous actions.

Microbilt offers a wide range of software and technology products to help businesses, like yours, avoid the pain of hiring individuals who are woefully unqualified for the positions you have available or who have been convicted of committing fraud against other businesses in the past. We are here to help you get through the current pandemic and back to a saner way of doing business once the current crisis ends.