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Background checks reduce risk of fraud, theft for businesses

Sep 07, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Conducting background screenings during the pre-employment process can prevent instances of fraud and risk that could compromise business operations. These checks can be especially beneficial for short term lending companies and other organizations that want to decrease any chances of financial loss. According to the Express-Times, the Washington Recreation Commission in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, recently decided to conduct background screenings on coaches and recreation volunteers. The organization put its proposal before the Lehigh borough council and is currently awaiting a decision. As of now, there are no policies that require checks for coaches and volunteers within the commission. Officials say they want the resolution passed so that they can ensure the safety of the children and the organization as well. There are several options for businesses and other institutions that are looking to implement a background screening policy within their operations. Microbilt's Pre-employment Background Checks gives managers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision during the hiring process. This solution looks at an applicant's past records, including criminal, employment, drivers and financial reports.