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Background checks necessary for nannies

Oct 08, 2011 Matt Roesly

Online shopping affiliate MyReviewsNow recently announced it will feature the website Nannies4Hire. Parents want to ensure that the person they leave their children with when they go out is reputable, responsible and caring. Nannies4Hire offers a portal of information for both parents and nannies, ensuring detailed background checks, profiles and references are available. Furthermore, families can interview the nannies after contacting them, and the site provides a set of sample questions as well as a reference request form and contract. Once registered on the site, families can pay a fee to post "help wanted" jobs for nannies and receive access to the background screenings. For families who prefer a simpler, more cost-effective route, WCCB-TV reports that Craigslist is a free way to get in touch with potential babysitters. However, due to the sometimes shady nature of the site, "it's important to check their references," Charlotte resident Kina Cartee told the news source.