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Auto lending ready to rebound

Feb 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

Banks and car dealerships hoping 2011 will present a better market for car purchasing can find solace in the positivity coming out of the Credit Union of Texas. According to the Credit Union Times, John Lederer, the president and chief executive officer of the Credit Union of Texas, calls for a strong rebound in 2011. The Credit Union of Texas, which handles approximately $1 billion in auto financing, maintains that positivity after the car buying market experienced a 25 percent increase during January. The CU Times reports that figure has lenders prime for further gains through the end of Q1 2011 and beyond. "The auto market does appear to be rebounding to some degree, but the competition for auto financing has become much more competitive,
” Lederer told the publication.“ As a result, this is a great opportunity with regard to refinancing loans once consumers get to take a careful look at comparative financing. We make ourselves available to explain dealer incentives before the member makes their purchase." Ford is feeling the effects of those positive trends. According to USA Today, the giant auto maker experienced a 13 percent increase in sales during January 2011 compared to the same month a year ago. Some of its models saw jumps as high as 30 percent year-over-year.