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Auto dealership may have misled elderly couple

May 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

An car dearlship in Colorado is under fire after it allegedly falsified a loan application and gave false information to an elderly couple. KUSA-TV reports that Dorothy Geisert, 76, and her husband were targeted by a Heritage Ford Lincoln dealership in Loveland, after employees told them they had already sold their car and that they needed to purchase a new one. During the auto industry financing-related fiasco, the car salesmen allegedly forced the couple to purchase a $46,000 2010 Lincoln after falsifying an application for a loan in order to get the couple approved on the spot. The news source reports that the Geiserts filed a complaint with the Colorado Auto Industry division after they were forced into purchasing the new car. "I'm crying over it and I said, 'I don't want this, get me my car back,'" Geisert told the station. "I did not think anybody was going to do such a thing to a person my age." In other auto industry financing news, many auto dealerships may be passing on higher costs to consumers in the months to come. In an April interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst with, said that consumers would be forced to pay higher prices due to a slow down in auto manufacturing.