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Auto dealers sweeten financing deals for consumers

Jul 29, 2011 Brian Bradley

According to many experts, auto dealers around the country have been increasing the number of incentives they offer customers to encourage them to purchase vehicles and increase profits for the dealerships. In an article for BNet, Jim Motavalli writes that while the deals may seem "gimmicky," consumers can find real savings. One of the best auto industry financing offers that can be taken advantage of by consumers is a trial balloon offer from General Motors. Consumers in Oregon and Washington can get a year of free car insurance through MetLife if they purchase an automobile from the company before September 6. "According to GM’s Tom Henderson, the program, worth about $1,000 to a Cruze buyer, was spurred by market research that indicates many would-be car owners don’t buy because they can’t afford the high premiums on new cars," Motavalli wrote for the news provider. GM made other headlines recently when it announced that it had sold more cars than it did during the same period last year. The automaker stated that it had increased sales by 10.6 percent from a year ago.