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Authorities catch thieves with help from pawn shops

Sep 12, 2012 Sean Albert

Police departments across the country are trying to reduce the number of home thefts that are occurring in their communities through a variety of resources. One method that is becoming more common is enlisting the help of area pawn shops to report information about items brought in with the hopes of catching thieves. Police in Southbridge, Massachusetts, have reached out to these local short term lenders and asked them to keep a lookout for items that have been stolen from residences, states the News Telegram. Jewelry, electronics and other valuable goods are being pawned at regional shops, which has prompted authorities to request help from the businesses. Owners are more than happy to work with the Southbridge Police Department to help recover items and have them returned to local citizens, writes the news source. Technology within pawn shops is also facilitating efforts to catch thieves. The Associated Press reports that the state of Maryland recently developed a database that is used by police and merchants to enter and track information about items and sellers. Both law enforcement departments and pawn shop owners said that the statewide system has helped catch thieves.