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Americans may put away credit this shopping season

Nov 04, 2011 Walt Wojoiechowski

Consumers may bypass credit and use cash or debit to pay for goods this holiday shopping season, according to a survey released Thursday by Burst Media. The findings reflect consumers' increasing wariness of incurring further debt amid widespread unemployment and economic uncertainty. According to the report, more than half of consumers - 54 percent - plan to primarily use using debit, cash or checks for their shopping, while only one-quarter of shoppers claim they will focus on using their credit cards. The study also found an increasing number of consumers are turning to online shopping this season. "Consumers are certainly going to be very mindful of their spending this holiday season, which poses a challenge for product marketers and advertisers who must excite shoppers and drive them to open their wallets and make purchases," said Burst Media marketing director Mark Kaefer. Two reports from the Commerce Department and the University of Michigan show consumer spending and confidence picked up in recent weeks, suggesting Americans may pull out their credit card more often if trends continue.