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Adventure retailer ready for ACH loyalty program

Jun 10, 2013 Sean Albert

Maverik, a gas and convenience store chain focused on adventure sports, is set to launch a set of costumer loyalty cards in a effort to reward consumers and attract new buyers. One of these new products, the Black Card, is an ACH card that will help Maverik customers save at the pump, according to Convenience Store News.

Each cardholder will get a $0.06 rollback on gas prices. Also, Maverik will match the price of any competitor's fuel that is lower than the discounted rate for Black Card members. In-store purchases will be rewarded by Maverik, with card holders receiving Trail Points from purchased items.

The fuel outlet is capitalizing on a growing trend of ACH card use among businesses. Be it using them as loyalty cards or simply accepting them for payment, there are many advantages to incorporating ACH cards into any small company.

Accepting electronic payments can be expensive for store owners, however, as most retailers are forced to do so in the plastic payment world of today. But PaySimple says owners don't have to let typical credit card fees hamper their business. According to the source, most ACH card retailer fees are set at flat rates between $0.25 and $0.75 per transaction. On the other hand, credit cards charge a set fee for every transaction as well as a percentage of the entire purchase. PaySimple's estimate for a $500 purchase has retailers saving $12.25 on the transaction by using an ACH card instead of a credit card.

As a cost-effective alternative to credit cards, ACH offers retail outlets a viable option for accepting payments. Consumer habits won't be altered if the system is widely adopted which means that more companies could start to implement ACH service.

Business owners would be wise to swap costly credit card fees for reasonable ACH premiums.