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ACH payments considered by South Carolina town

Jun 10, 2013 Sean Albert

North, a small town near Columbia, South Carolina, is considering implementing ACH cards into the payment options it offers to citizens. The Times and Democrat reported that a representative with the company - Local Business Development for S.C. Interactive - helping to establish the payment system estimated that two work hours can be saved for every 100 transactions processed using ACH.

Also, the electronic payment system may help the city reduce its expenses related to other forms of payment. However, Mayor Earl Jeffcoat told The Times and Democrat that he believes the biggest advantage of ACH is convenience for residents. Paying with a card, he says, is a much more popular choice for locals.

The source noted that the North City Council approved the proposal to commence with ACH payments. When implemented, the system will be able to be accessed online during all hours of the day with customer support being offered by the company establishing the billing system.

ACH payments have been increasing across the country recently. The Electronic Payments Association (NACHA) reported that total there were over 21 billion ACH transactions during 2012. That was an increase of 4.28 percent from the 2011 mark.