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ACH payments and high-yield checking accounts

Jul 26, 2012 Dave King

In recent years, consumers and organizations have adopted electronic payments and automated processing services in rapidly expanding numbers. Whether to reach the large population of underbanked in the nation or improve efficiency to gain more clients, banks and businesses have been deploying new methods of electronic payment processing. Fox Business reports that one common requirement of high-yield checking is automated payments. These accounts have a substantially higher interest rate than most, which the source says draws in many businesses and individuals. A trick to oblige this requirement is using Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments. The source notes that ACH payments prove that the business or individual is treating the high-yield checking as a primary account. This serves as a strong sign that the account will be replenished regularly, giving both the holder and financial institution the benefits of this style of checking. ACH cards are extremely convenient, and are often used for a number of purposes. Businesses should always ensure that the provider of these electronic payment services have strong security practices, as many new reports on ACH payments have shown financial institutions still need to refine data protection practices.