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ACH payment fraud hits another business

Jul 19, 2012 Dave King

In an increasingly digitized world, new security challenges are bound to arise. In recent years, electronic-based attacks against organizations have risen substantially, costing consumers and businesses billions of dollars each year. Though debt recovery service protocol has been made more efficient, payment security has never been more important. BankInfoSecurity recently reported that a problem with an automated clearing house (ACH) and wire payment has lead to legal proceedings between a Mississippi bank and its Missouri client. According to the source, the bank claims the client's negligence led to a loss of $440,000 due to ACH wire fraud. The bank has a strong countersuit, as it purports the transfer in question was carried out by the client entirely, and that the contract between the two holds the latter responsible for losses incurred by client negligence. FICO reports that ACH and wire fraud has grown in both size and scope throughout recent years. Much of this is a result of the growing number of methods fraudsters can use to thwart security practices and software. The agency believes more advanced authentication technology and a general increase in awareness will decrease the risks associated with ACH payments.