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ACA responds to new debt collection report

Feb 07, 2011 Kyle Duncan

The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals recently released a statement regarding a report from the Consumers Union and East Bay Community Law Center. 
 The ACA said in a statement that there were parts of Past Due: Why Collection Practices and the Debt Buying Industry Need Reform Now that it agreed with. The group said that it agreed with the findings that "harassment, threats and other illegal activity against consumers are unacceptable and violators must be held accountable." They also reminded them readers of the important role played by debt collectors when it comes to keeping the economy afloat during times of crisis. "The repayment of credit is a fundamental lifeline for the millions of public and private organizations that rely on consumers to meet their financial obligations. Businesses from Main Street to Wall Street rely on the repayment of credit to pay rent, employee salaries and benefits, and their bills," the group said in a the statement. According to its site, the ACA was founded in 1939 as a way to bring together those in the debt collection industry. Industry members have many services available to them through the organization.