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A post-holiday season debt collection strategy

Dec 22, 2011 Mike Garretson

The past few years have been extremely difficult for both Americans and debt collection agencies in the United States. The lack of funds flowing through the economy has left Americans unable to spend and save effectively. The added  dearth in jobs throughout the country leads to debt collection agencies feeling frustrated and  without payment solutions for debtors. In order to ensure the loyalty of a debtor, a collection agency or skip tracer should adhere to a few pieces of advice from experts in the industry. We are currently in the midst of the holiday season. Americans nationwide are spending billions on electronics, toys, food and entertainment. It would be both offensive and counter-productive to approach debtors with reminders of debt payments or overdue bills. In the spirit of the holidays and with the knowledge that most Americans have spent a lot of money in the past weeks and probably can't pay certain bills, you should refrain from requesting payment until after the holiday season. Of course, there are varying exceptions which require a debt collector to pursue payment as soon as possible - for example, if someone has an overdue payment and has shown consistent refusal to pay, a claim should be sent to the credit agency. For the average debtor, though, a debt collector could benefit from waiting a week or two following the New Year, while Americans take advantage of some final post holiday sales, and until they receive their January and February checks. "[Have] sensitivity to the fact that people are struggling," Mark Schiffman, a spokesperson for a credit and collections trade agency, said to "At the end of the day, though, there’s somebody at the other end of that debt that has extended credit to you at some point." Rich Fairbanks, a manager for a billing and collections firm, told the news source that "there's more hands in the pot for that extra dollar than those families have. If you’re treating your customers poorly, they’re not going to want to pay you." If a debt collection agency demands monthly payments that the debtor views as unfair, perhaps lowering the monthly payment, slightly increasing the interest rate and extending the amount of months would help rectify the situation.