Underwriters: Are you using Instant Bank Verification tools?

Sep 13, 2016 Philip Burgess

Assessing a person's capacity to pay back loans is arguably one of the most challenging steps of the loan underwriting process. You need to corroborate every source testifying to a borrower's monthly income and employment history.To reduce

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MicroBilt Hires John Hambrick as Senior Vice President of Business Development

Sep 12, 2016 Sean Albert

MicroBilt, the leader in risk management information and alternative credit data announces the addition of John Hambrick, Senior Vice President of Business Development. Hambrick will manage the company's collections vertical

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Using predictive analytics to reduce risk of loan default and credit fraud

Aug 24, 2016 Walt Wojoiechowski

Data-driven enterprises participating in the financial sector require tools capable of revealing credit fraud and loan default risks. When selecting such solutions, professionals must find those that not only indicate the severity of a potential

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ACH for lenders, what it is and how to use it

Aug 23, 2016 Allen Taylor

A Look at the Automated Clearing House for Lenders Alternative lenders do not have to be relegated to a dark corner of the financial industry just because of the connotations associated with the word “alternative.” Rather, lenders

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How business valuation and credentialing can help you assess third-party risk

Aug 11, 2016 Philip Burgess

Whether financing debt for privately held organizations or partnering with a fellow industry participant, working with third parties introduces several financial risks. At a high level, every factor could present a possible fiscal liability,

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