The importance of conducting tenant screening

Apr 27, 2020 MicroBilt News

A landlord or property manager has open space they wish to fill. Their property is safe, clean, and located within a well-manicured neighborhood, so they’ll want to contract with a tenant who is honest and will take care of the property.

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$484 Billion Bill to Expand Small Business Aid: What It Means to You

Apr 23, 2020 MicroBilt News

The ongoing pandemic has forced the U.S. government to look for increasing methods to get money into the hands of business owners.

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How to manage rentals during COVID-19 crisis

Apr 21, 2020 MicroBilt News

Managing out-of-town rentals during a pandemic multiplies these difficulties.

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How Small Businesses Survive in a Pandemic

Apr 13, 2020 MicroBilt News

When about half of all small businesses fail within five years in a normal economy, this grim statistic is only made worse when facing a global disaster like the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus Spurs Strong Demand for Workers in Transportation and Storage

Apr 08, 2020 MicroBilt News

Coronavirus has changed a lot of things about our economy in what feels like the blink of an eye.

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