New government proposals could affect collections and recovery

Jun 29, 2020 MicroBilt News

Recently, the CFPB put forth a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that could potentially impact how businesses approach conducting collections and recovery.

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What the 2008 crisis can teach us about debt collection post-COVID

Jun 15, 2020 MicroBilt News

The restrictions put into place to alleviate the health crisis have lasted a lot longer than initially believed.

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Social media changing debt collection game

Dec 27, 2019 MicroBilt News

Debt collecting has always been a game of numbers. One thing that’s putting the numbers on the side of debt collectors, is social media.

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Technology Changing the Skip Tracing Game

Dec 17, 2019 MicroBilt News

Skip tracing has been made more difficult in recent years by a public that has largely left landline phones behind.

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Webinar: The Moneyball-ization of Collections

May 30, 2018 MicroBilt News

Collections is becoming more and more data-driven. The most effective collection agencies are mining their own databases and using outside sources to improve right-party contact rates and collection efforts.

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