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The Future of Lending Beyond the FICO Score

Feb 09, 2012 Todd Milner

When it comes to building or rebuilding one's credit, a low or nonexistent FICO score has often proved to be an extremely large obstacle when applying for any type of credit lines at all.  However, many smaller, non-traditional lenders are offering hope for those who need a short-term loan.  Alternative risk models -- based largely on algorithms that assess an applicant's day-to-day monetary usage patterns -- will be the future of evaluating ledning risk and can often provide a more accurate way to gauge the potential lending risk posed by a non-traditional borrower.  Many different non-traditional lenders will use these alternative risk models in place of a FICO score to determine credit-worthiness to carving out a sizable niche in the financial world as they provide typically small, short-term credit lines to those who may need them the most.  This new way of gauging risk for non-traditional lending facilities will prove to be successful overall, and will provide a much-needed infusion of cash to a grateful clientele.  Indeed, the creation of more legitimate lending avenues that are available to those without a friend in the traditional lending world can prove to be an excellent way to establish a loyal customer base in the future, as well as a strong network of referrals from satisfied clients.  If the implementation of these alternative risk models seems like a solid idea for your business, take a look at the various products and services available in this industry today!