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Short-term Lending Mobile Website or Application: What Components to Include?

Jan 18, 2012 Todd Milner

Last month I discussed the need for your short-term lending business to embrace the age of mobile.  Now I’d like to discuss what components you should consider including into your short-term or payday lending mobile strategy.  Your mobile phone short-term/payday lending website or application should include information pertinent to your customer and you.  Common features found in financial mobile sites or apps which you should consider including are:


1.     Current/past due balances

2.     Credit limit (if applicable)

3.     Payment due and due date

4.     Payment options

5.     Current borrowing opportunities

6.     Business contact information, electronic and phone

7.     Logo recognition of your business

8.     Online loan application or quick cash advance area

9.     Itemization of charges or fees

You will have creative control over the design of your mobile strategy but rest easy, there is no need to recreate the wheel when designing your mobile access.  If it's already working for other lenders, why wouldn’t it work for you?  However, if you can think of something that will differentiate your website from other mobile phone payday lending sites, you should include it in your design.    The most important step in any mobile website or mobile application is test, test, test, before you go live.  There is nothing that will kill a website or application quicker than a user receiving errors in your programming or the site/application bombing and timing out when they visit it.  You can never over- test or out-test your development!  A detailed test plan and then scheduled, development not production testing are vital elements to a successful implementation.