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Credit Reports and More: Multiple Data Sources Leads to Better Business Decision Making

Dec 01, 2011 Admin

When your goal is growing your company, information is key. As your business expands -- and your customer base expands along with it -- the maxim holds true: The better informed you are, the better business decisions you’ll make. The need for access to consumer data is especially significant when it comes to obtaining insight into your customers’ ability to repay their financial accounts.

When you’re making important decisions, such as how to obtain customer credit data or centralize your credit services, you have options. If you just need electronic credit reports, the Decision-critical information providers, such as MicroBilt, offer a single point of contact for multiple credit data products. All your business needs to access a complete range of consumer and business credit resources is a computer. Decision-critical information providers supply the software -- and even the training -- so you can manage credit, collections, hiring and fraud protections services in-house. The basic jobs your business has to do well to be successful.

For the most accurate, comprehensive insight into your customers’ ability to repay their credit accounts, the solution is simple: The more information you have, the better decisions you’re able to make. Full-file credit reports and single-source providers provide access to a range of information and services that the big three credit bureaus don't.  Whether you’re hiring, collecting debt or evaluating potential customers, the background screening data, fraud protection and collections services available through a single-source provider - from driving records to employment verification, skip tracing for collection to OFAC and FCRA Compliance - make your job easier. By streamlining the process through a single point of contact, your business will be more effective and - ultimately - more successful.