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Build Customer Loyalty by Helping Them Become Credit Worthy

Dec 15, 2011 Admin

Many consumers who are considered by traditional credit bureaus to be "thin" or "no file" could benefit from better alternative consumer reports when their bills are paid regularly and their income is consistent. These underbanked consumers can be creditworthy and by building a good report and credit score with them allows you to build a long lasting relationship with your customer and collect from them if they stop paying.

What are the benefits of reporting your experience with consumers to PRBC?

  • You are helping build a cutting-edge and an interactive community economic development service.
  • You will see increased revenue for helping more people become creditworthy.
  • You will close more loans, reduce risks, and build loyalty in overlooked, underserved and expanding markets.

What types of lenders are best suited to reporting payments to PRBC?

  • Banks (Mortgages, Bank Account Info)
  • Landlords (Tenant Payment History)
  • Landlords (Tenant Payment History)
  • Retail Stores (Appliance or Furniture rentals or purchases, Layaways, Store Credit Cards)
  • Cable Television Providers (Cable Bill Payment History)
  • Daycare Providers (Daycare Payment History)
  • Auto Dealers (Dealer Loan Payment History)
  • Utility Companies (Electricity bills, Gas bills, Telephone bills)
  • Insurance Companies (Auto, Renter, Homeowner Premiums History)
  • Jewelry Purchases (Store Financing)
  • Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics (Medical bills paid to provider by agreement)
  • Owner Financing (Mortgages, Auto, Rent-to-Own agreements)
  • Internet and Cellular Service Providers (Bill Payment History)
  • Personal Property Tax bills (State/Local Tax Remittance History)

When reporting as a data furnisher to a consumer agency, it's been proven that more accurate payment data put into consumer reports means more customer honesty and cooperation with payments as well as more financial opportunities in their future. A report influences a consumer's behavior, and better customer retention can be more easily achieved when a customer is made aware of the benefits of a good credit report and score.