Locate people who don’t want to be found fast with the most recent and accurate data available.

Faster Skip Tracing with Next-Generation Technology

What is skip tracing? Skip tracing services involve using several information sources to find people who don’t want to be located. You can use it to obtain current workplaces, addresses, identification numbers, telephone numbers, and so much more in minutes.

If you’re looking for a reliable skip tracing company, trust Microbilt for quick, dependable, and accurate services. Our accurate data resources combined with supercomputing technology enables us to offer the best skip tracing services in the USA. Simply provide the primary data, and we’ll do the rest.

Who Needs Our Skip Tracing Services?

Microbilt offers the most exceptional skip tracing solutions to locate your subjects fast. Our services can help several clients, including:

Law Enforcement

Whether you’re government law enforcement or a small, private law enforcement agency, Microbilt skip tracing solutions can ease your duties and help combat crime more efficiently by locating wrongdoers.

Private Investigators

Establish solid surveillance with Microbilt skip tracing software. We use the latest cutting-edge technology to perform asset searches, locate people, and discover more about a person or case.

Process Servers, Bail Bonds, Repossession

Inevitably, some debtors will evade communication by changing contact numbers or addresses. Using Microbilt skip tracing tools, you will find maximum debt collection while reducing overheads.


Our batch skip tracing provides attorneys with access to public records with critical details when creating a case for their clients. Whether it’s a complete social media search or an asset search, Microbilt presents the essential details.


Microbilt uses high-level supercomputing technology and established linking algorithms to filter through billions of public and propriety records in seconds. Businesses can take advantage of this to locate potential customers and stockholders.

Why Choose Microbilt Skip Tracing Solutions?

Comprehensive Data Sources

Microbilt uses various supplementary data sources, such as national change of address records, Electronic Directory Assistance listings, public records, and more. With only the primary data, we can find so much personal information about your subject.

Recent and Reliable Data

Many skip tracing companies update their files once a month. Our systems make updates 24-7 to avoid inaccurate, outdated information.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Microbilt offers unique search capabilities that enable you to streamline your locating efforts. Also, they offer standard input/output files that provide flexible file formatting depending on your file type needs.

Looking for the Best Skip Tracing Service? Look no further than Microbilt

Microbilt is a trusted and licensed skip tracing service serving all U.S. states and territories. We offer a variety of proven solutions for the tracking industry.

To get started with our skip tracing services, complete the order form below or contact our customer service for more information.

Super Phone
Super Phone

Super Phone is a dynamic skip tracing tool that offers you complete control over the search process when attempting to locate phone numbers, addresses and associated individual or business names.

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Enhanced People Search
Enhanced People Search

Quickly locate an individual while gathering critical identity and contact information in the process.

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Trace Detail
Trace Detail

Find an individual’s current address while simultaneously identifying neighbors, associates and co-inhabitants.

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