iPredict Advantage


Recently updated with a more powerful decisioning algorithm, iPredict Advantage is a powerful predictive scoring product for underwriting alternative credit that replaces our original iPredict product. 

As a dynamic credit scoring solution, iPredict Advantage allows short-term and other alternative lenders to assess credit risk on almost any consumer. iPredict Advantage employs sophisticated algorithms (the iPredict 2.0 decisioning engine) to mine data from Connect, the industry's largest and most relied upon alternative credit bureau database. 

An added advantage – civil records.

Adding to its predictive accuracy, iPredict Advantage leverages Connect’s bankruptcy and civil records datasets, including judgments, liens and evictions. These critical data attributes are either limited or unavailable through traditional credit scoring platforms. 


Updated for even greater decisioning accuracy, iPredict Advantage has achieved +10% predictive value over the original version. Other improvements include: 

  • More efficient predictive workflows to optimize outcomes based on available data
  • Numerous new data sets including public records, consumer stability, and banking behavior which add to overall score accuracy
  • Expanded score differentiation ranging from 300 to 850 for more granular risk assessment
  • Easier implementation, with no additional coding required for those already using our original iPredict product 

iPredict Advantage factors in over 165 data attributes when calculating the potential risk of a loan applicant defaulting on a loan and returns the following data: 

  • Short-term credit risk
  • Short-term credit inquiry attributes
  • Short term loan history (loans given, payments, etc.)
  • Consumer stability attributes
  • DDA banking attributes

Bankruptcy, Liens, Judgment and Eviction records


iPredict Advantage enables companies to quickly evaluate the risk level of a potential loan applicant leading to reduced defaults, better margins, and more efficient business processes.  

It is used in many industries including short-term installment lending, buy-here-pay-here auto financing, check cashing, title lending, and retail financing.


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