The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS, pronounced Nakes) was developed as the standard for use by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the collection, analysis, and publication of statistical data related to the business economy of the U.S. NAICS was developed under the auspices of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and adopted in 1997 to replace the old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. It was also developed in cooperation with the statistical agencies of Canada and Mexico to establish a 3-country standard that allows for a high level of comparability in business statistics among the three countries. NAICS is the first economic classification system to be constructed based on a single economic concept.

NAICS Code Description
441110 New Car Dealers
441120 Used Car Dealers
441210 Recreational Vehicle Dealers
441221 Motorcycle,ATV,and Personal Watercraft Dealers
441222 Boat Dealers
441229 All Other Motor Vehicle Dealers
441310 Automotive Parts and Accessories Stores
441320 Tire Dealers
442110 Furniture Stores
442210 Floor Covering Stores
442291 Window Treatment Stores
442299 All Other Home Furnishings Stores
443111 Household Appliance Stores
443112 Radio,Television,and Other Electronics Stores
443120 Computer and Software Stores
443130 Camera and Photographic Supplies Stores
444110 Home Centers
444120 Paint and Wallpaper Stores
444130 Hardware Stores
444190 Other Building Material Dealers
444210 Outdoor Power Equipment Stores
444220 Nursery,Garden Center,and Farm Supply Stores
445210 Meat Markets
445220 Fish and Seafood Markets
445230 Fruit and Vegetable Markets
445291 Baked Goods Stores
445292 Confectionery and Nut Stores
445299 All Other Specialty Food Stores
445310 Beer,Wine,and Liquor Stores
446110 Pharmacies and Drug Stores
446120 Cosmetics,Beauty Supplies,and Perfume Stores
446130 Optical Goods Stores
446191 Food (Health) Supplement Stores
446199 All Other Health and Personal Care Stores
447110 Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores
447190 Other Gasoline Stations
448110 Mens Clothing Stores
448120 Womens Clothing Stores
448130 Childrens and Infants Clothing Stores
448140 Family Clothing Stores
448150 Clothing Accessories Stores
448190 Other Clothing Stores
448210 Shoe Stores
448310 Jewelry Stores
448320 Luggage and Leather Goods Stores
451110 Sporting Goods Stores
451120 Hobby,Toy,and Game Stores
451130 Sewing,Needlework,and Piece Goods Stores
451140 Musical Instrument and Supplies Stores
451211 Book Stores
451212 News Dealers and Newsstands
451220 Prerecorded Tape,Compact Disc,and Record Stores
452910 Warehouse Clubs and Supercenters
452990 All Other General Merchandise Stores
453110 Florists
453210 Office Supplies and Stationery Stores
453220 Gift,Novelty,and Souvenir Stores
453310 Used Merchandise Stores
453930 Manufactured (Mobile) Home Dealers
453991 Tobacco Stores
454112 Electronic Auctions
454210 Vending Machine Operators
454311 Heating Oil Dealers
454312 Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Bottled Gas) Dealers
454319 Other Fuel Dealers
454390 Other Direct Selling Establishments

The SIC covers the entire field of economic activities by defining industries in accordance with the composition and structure of the economy. Over the years, it was revised periodically to reflect the economy's changing industry composition and organization. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) last updated the SIC in 1987.

SIC Industry Groups

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