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Quickly look up NAICS and SIC industry codes.

The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS, pronounced Nakes) was developed as the standard for use by Federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the collection, analysis, and publication of statistical data related to the business economy of the U.S. NAICS was developed under the auspices of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and adopted in 1997 to replace the old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. It was also developed in cooperation with the statistical agencies of Canada and Mexico to establish a 3-country standard that allows for a high level of comparability in business statistics among the three countries. NAICS is the first economic classification system to be constructed based on a single economic concept.

236115-238990 Construction
  • 236115 New Single-Family Housing Construction (except Operative Builders)
  • 236116 New Multifamily Housing Construction (except Operative Builders)
  • 236117 New Housing Operative Builders
  • 236118 Residential Remodelers
  • 236210 Industrial Building Construction
  • 236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 237110 Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 237120 Oil and Gas Pipeline and Related Structures Construction
  • 237130 Power and Communication Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 237210 Land Subdivision
  • 237310 Highway,Street,and Bridge Construction
  • 237990 Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction
  • 238110 Poured Concrete Foundation and Structure Contractors
  • 238120 Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors
  • 238140 Masonry Contractors
  • 238150 Glass and Glazing Contractors
  • 238190 Other Foundation,Structure
  • 238210 Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 238220 Plumbing,Heating,and Air-Conditioning Contractors
  • 238290 Other Building Equipment Contractors
  • 238310 Drywall and Insulation Contractors
  • 238320 Painting and Wall Covering Contractors
  • 238330 Flooring Contractors
  • 238340 Tile and Terrazzo Contractors
  • 238390 Other Building Finishing Contractors
  • 238910 Site Preparation Contractors
  • 238990 All Other Specialty Trade Contractors

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