Consolidated Returns

Reduce return fees on checks, electronic checks and remote deposits.


MicroBilt’s Consolidayed Returns is a convenient way to direct all returned checks, electronic checks and remotely deposited checks (RDC) to a centralized account at our bank greatly reducing the bank fees associated with returned checks.


Once only available to large corporations with thousands of monthly deposits, Consolidated Returns is now an option for businesses of any size, thanks to a joint program between MicroBilt and our bank.

Through this relationship Consolidated Returns ensures that any returned deposits or checks are identified quickly and that the bank cost for each return is greatly diminished.

With Consolidated Returns, all deposits are pre-screened through MicroBilt’s Risk Verify Database Plus to identify and reduce possible unauthorized and administrative returns. 

With Consolidates Returns, deposited checks will include instructions to direct all returns to a consolidated return account in your business’ name, at our bank. This account is managed directly by your business with our bank. You have complete ownership of the relationship.


Consolidated Returns is helpful to any business concerned with managing the fees associated with returned check, e-checks and remote deposits.

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