Spot Property Report shows you property owned or recently sold by an individual.
It can be searched based on an individual’s address only or name + address to retrieve all available property records that match as follows, updated daily:
  • Summary & match indicator sections for quick identification and scanning of matched records and information
  • Detail sections for each record type to deliver all information known about property from Tax Assessor and County Recorder of Deeds offices

It allows you to search state and local databanks from over 3,100 counties in the US, and 93%-99% of population of deeds and assessments records and returns information such as:
  • Property unit number
  • Property address
  • Owner name & address
  • Sale amount
  • Prior sale price
  • Sale date
  • Tax Assessment
  • Deed
  • SAM/Mortgage
  • Notice of Default/Pre-Foreclosure Data
Includes information as available from each county about:
  • Property owners
  • Physical site and mailing addresses
  • Land and building property details
  • Financial information

Used by collections professionals
To investigate and locate an individual based on their owned properties.
To ascertain the value of properties when collecting unpaid debt.

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