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Top Pre-Employment Screening Trends Going into 2020

Top Pre-Employment Screening Trends Going into 2020

As a new year approaches, all eyes are on regulations winding their way through city, state, and federal courts related to pre-employment screening processes, tools, and trends. This has many companies scrambling to find effective screening options for the pre-employment process that will help them find the right employees without operating outside the scope of rapidly evolving laws. Below are a few pre-employment screening trends companies are considering as 2020 approaches and new rules go into play.

Compliance is More Important than Ever

With increasing litigation related to employment practices in the hiring process and new regulations going into effect related to:

  • Ban the Box Legislation (aimed at removing criminal histories from the employment screening process completely).
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations which are constantly evolving.
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act which serves to protect job seekers in certain situations from discrimination due to information on their credit reports.

The cost of failure can be hefty fines in addition to potential litigation from candidates unlawfully eliminated from consideration based on the information contained in these reports.

Increasing Focus on On-Demand Background Screening Services

We live in the day of the “gig economy.” People who once worked for specific employers a number of years and then retired are waning. Some people are performing “side gigs” in addition to their regular day jobs while others have taken to freelancing for 100 percent of their income.

According to the Intuit 2020 Report, the organization estimates that the “gig economy” will account for roughly 43 percent of the workforce by 2020. This means companies need to have access to instantaneous background screening services on an as-needed basis, so they can make split-second hiring decisions.

Continuous Monitoring

One of the newer trends that is really catching on for 2020 is the concept of continuous monitoring. This means employers are continuing to monitor their employees for indications of illegal or troubling behavior among their employees after they’ve been hired. At least, that is how the Society for Human Resource Management describes it. They go on to explain that companies, like Uber, continuously monitor their drivers for arrest and conviction data along with licensure suspensions, driving records, and criminal violations.

Working with an on-demand background screening service that is compliant with state, federal, and local laws related to background checks and employment verification, like MicroBilt, can help you stay on the right side of EEOC regulations and hire the best possible candidates for your open positions. Contact MicroBilt today to learn more about the variety of pre-employment and other background screening services we offer.