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Infographic: Big Data Trends Useful For Small Businesses

Infographic: Big Data Trends Useful For Small Businesses

During the initial rush of attention, big data received just under a decade ago when it first emerged, some might've thought it's best suited to bigger companies. But this hasn't been true for some time. Analytics tools have been very valuable for small and medium-sized businesses in numerous ways.

Predicting Behavior:

The algorithms powering analytics platforms can examine customers' repeat purchases and determine other products or services of yours someone hasn't yet bought - but might in the future.

Predicting Behavior

Categorizing by demographics

Categorizing by demographics:

Even in small businesses that sell highly specialized products, predictive analytics can sort your customer base into groups around whom you can tailor specific marketing campaigns.

Aiding sales efforts:

Automated analytics cross-reference multiple data points to determine when and among whom products are most successful.

Aiding sales efforts

Assessing success

Assessing success:

Guessing games are over when it comes to determining marketing strategies' effectiveness. SMBs can measure how much an email or social media campaign increased not only site traffic, but also sales or other major engagements.



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