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ACHECK21® Announces strategic partnership with MicroBilt for Bank Verification

ACHECK21® Announces strategic partnership with MicroBilt for Bank Verification

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ACHeck21 now offers advanced data-driven verification capabilities to combat fraud, mitigate risk and reduce costly returns

ACHeck21® is pleased to announce the integration of MicroBilt’s Risk Verification Database Plus (rVd+) to its secure, cloud-based transaction processing solutions. With this integration, ACHeck21® customers gain access to powerful new verification capabilities to mitigate risk, minimize fraud and reduce costly returns for electronic transactions.

Risk Verification Database Plus combines the historical power of MicroBilt’s Risk Verification Database with multiple banking, retail and billing sources to predict the current status of a bank account.

Using 850,000,000 real-time consumer records, including unbanked (“thin file”) consumers not available with any other service, MicroBilt’s rVd+ features provide ACHeck21® customers with the ability to:

  • Match consumer names to accounts and obtain known telephone numbers
  • Obtain account history of prior transactions including both good cleared transactions and returns or unpaid debts
  • Identify closed, pending-closed, or frozen bank accounts
  • Predict administrative and unauthorized returns before they occur

Built for purpose with inventive technology, ACHeck21® seamlessly delivers a full suite of digital transaction capabilities through a single workflow. With the integration of MicroBilt’s rVd+ to ACHeck21®, you can now manage your entire processing environment—from checks to ACH to verification—within one intuitive interface.

ACHeck21 is an intelligent private financial cloud that combines ACH (Automatic Clearing House) entry classes and Check21 along with ancillary services and features into a single hosted work flow. The ACH21℠ Payment Gateway offers a fully integrated management console that puts you in the driver’s seat.

ACHeck21 software is designed to improve efficiency and reduce complexity for any user, organization or business processing ACH, Checks or verifying account information from point of sale, the internet, mobile devices, laptops, desktops or scanners.

“We are very pleased to be able to continually offer new services.” said Sam Ackley, CEO of DCS Holdings Group, LLC d/b/a ACHeck21. “With ACHeck21, any customer can see immediate ROI.”

MicroBilt has a powerful mix of public, private and proprietary data with innovative analytical software. Products cover the full cycle of business from vetting to originations to recovery. For over 35 years MicroBilt has been helping business assess and manage risk. At our core, we believe that any successful company needs access to the right information to make the smartest decisions possible.

Over the years, MicroBilt has invested heavily in acquiring best-in-class data, built sophisticated systems for keeping data fresh, accurate and powerful with predictive models for making decisions around transaction verification, lending, leasing, collections and risk management.