North Carolina experiencing a rise in illegal debt collection

Jan 07, 2011 Kyle Duncan

Rising consumer debt and poor employment numbers have led to an increase in illegal debt collection in North Carolina. The state currently has strict licensing codes when it comes to debt collection, but the haste of many to create a business

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Many resources available to landlords

Jan 06, 2011 Brian Bradley

When looking for new tenants, many landlords must do careful research in order to ensure that they are getting people who will not only pay on time each month, but who also do not pose a threat to others. There are a multitude of resources

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Alternative forms of credit available to homeowners

Jan 06, 2011 Todd Milner

With credit harder and harder to come by these days, many small business owners have turned to nontraditional credit in order to fund their companies as they try to get off the ground.The traditional lending markets have become so dire that

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Ruling could affect the way debt collectors do business

Jan 06, 2011 Kyle Duncan

The ruling from Federal Circuit Court judge Denny Chin could have a significant impact on the way debt collection agencies conduct their skip tracing methods, AOL Daily Finance reports.The companies named in the case were accused of circumventing

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Need for international background screening increases

Jan 06, 2011 Matt Roesly

New technology and the ease by which people can travel overseas are driving up demands for international background screening, according to Employment Services Resources.Background screening practices in the United States have served as a pivota

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