Credit checks improve hiring practices

Jan 18, 2011 Matt Roesly

Companies that run background screenings and consumer credit report checks on prospective hires typically do a better job of bringing on new staff, according to Entrepreneur magazine. Jeff Huckaby, chief executive at rackAID, told Entrepreneur

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Short term loans a boon for consumers

Jan 18, 2011 Todd Milner

Short term loans are becoming very popular, according to the website Hot Make, as residents have the opportunity to pay off urgent expenses, pending bills, medical expenses and more without overdrawing bank accounts or attracting debt collectors.Even

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Fraud prevention is an important element of business

Jan 17, 2011 Brian Bradley

One of the biggest issues facing companies all over the United States is fraud prevention. It can be difficult for small and midsize companies to do as thorough of a job in detecting it as they should.According to experts, more must be done

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More people now facing debt collectors

Jan 17, 2011 Kyle Duncan

More middle class families have been faced with mounting debt as the recession has seen many lose their jobs and get fewer hours to work.People all over the country have been hit hard and many have lost their jobs, and leaving countless people

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How short term loans are different from normal loans

Jan 17, 2011 Todd Milner

Short term loans and traditional lines of credit both offer necessary funds for consumers, but they go about their business in quite different ways.Forms of nontraditional credit, such as short term loans, offer short-term lending at higher interest

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