Short term lending is far from its last breath

Jan 21, 2011 Todd Milner

Though the government seems to be fighting to close down the short term loan industry, lenders are determined to continue providing consumers with nontraditional credit.According to The Motley Fool, even the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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FDNY hires collection agency

Jan 21, 2011 Kyle Duncan

The Fire Department of New York City will try to get back some of the money it is owed from unpaid ambulance fees by selling the debt to a debt collection agency.The New York Daily News reports that the FDNY is seeking to recover some of the

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Landlords gather to highlight need for stricter tenant screenings

Jan 21, 2011 Matt Roesly

During a summit in Columbia, Missouri, property owners gathered to discuss a growing issue - crimes committed by tenants.Rental property owners gathered to meet with residents and city officials in order to find out which laws could be better

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Prepaid credit cards may establish smart spending in youth

Jan 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

Parents trying to teach their kids about smart spending habits are increasingly turning to prepaid credit cards, Money magazine reports. Rather than handing teenagers a credit card with high limits - which can create a false sense of reality

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New wireless payment business valued at $200 million

Jan 20, 2011 Karen Umpierre

Business valuations can help owners decide how much to sell their ventures for or what improvements they want to make.But the system can also help growing companies cement themselves as a force to be reckoned with.A prime example is Square,

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