Strong home price appreciation could boost holiday spending

Nov 29, 2013 Philip Burgess

During November and December, consumers generally increase spending to purchase gifts for friends and family members. Strong home price appreciation in the third quarter could help boost these expenditures further, as homeowners feel as though

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Financial institutions should embrace electronic payments over checks

Nov 29, 2013 Dave King

Some payment processing companies and financial institutions are hesitant to embrace innovations in the electronic payment field. Although mobile and online transactions have been labeled as the next big thing in the payment sector for several

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Interest cap to be imposed on British lenders

Nov 29, 2013 Simon Williams

Just like every other business out there, short term lenders need to make a profit to be able to stay in operation. Consider it this way - a toy company might import some dolls from a different nation that cost only £10 to make in total,

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Subway could open the door for mobile payments in fast food

Nov 28, 2013 Dave King

With millions of Americans owning smartphones, mobile payments are likely the future of completing transactions. Subway - the world's largest restaurant chain - recently took initiative and implemented electronic payments into stores, which

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Household wealth could improve with rising prices

Nov 28, 2013 Philip Burgess

For much of the past five years, consumers have been reluctant to spend money in the aftermath of the financial crisis. But, multiple factors have helped improve the financial situations of Americans in recent months, including home price appreciation.

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