Chicago symposium will focus on credit risk management, other issues

Mar 18, 2011 Brian Bradley

The credit risk management industry will come together later this month at a hotel in Chicago in order to gain knowledge from some of the most successful businesses in the field.The Enterprise Risk Management Symposium will take place in Chicago,

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Debt collector drops more than 10,000 cases

Mar 18, 2011 Kyle Duncan

Debt collector Midland Funding LLC plans to drop more than 10,000 cases against Maryland consumers as part of a class action settlement in Baltimore federal court.The dismissed claims were worth about $10.2 million, The Baltimore Sun reports.

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Illinois short term lender moves to block new law

Mar 18, 2011 Todd Milner

An Illinois short term lending leader is suing the state government to halt the execution of a new bill that is supposed to become law on Monday. Illinois Lending, which operates six lending centers in the Chicago area, says that the bill is unconstitutional

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State laws change pre-employment screening options

Mar 18, 2011 Matt Roesly

Many states are considering or have already adopted legislation that restricts how employers and landlords use background checks and criminal histories to conduct employment and tenant screening.Illinois became the fourth state to restrict

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Auto industry financing is on the rise

Mar 17, 2011 Brian Bradley

While the recession made getting auto loans incredibly difficult for many consumers, in recent months some have found it easier to get financing, with the auto industry recording better sales numbers. With automakers such as Ford and General

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