Oregon DOJ shuts down law firm for illegal debt collection practices

Apr 02, 2011 Kyle Duncan

After it received a number of complaints, a Eugene, Oregon-based law firm was recently forced to close its doors after reaching a settlement with the Oregon Department of Justice. In a statement, a representative from the Oregon DOH said that

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Background screenings are an important tool for employers

Apr 02, 2011 Matt Roesly

With millions of people out of work throughout the United States, many have become desperate for any opportunity that presents itself. Those looking for jobs spend countless hours looking through newspapers' classified sections or online

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Short term lenders adapt to tight regulations

Apr 02, 2011 Todd Milner

Though legislators around the country are working to restrict the way short term lenders conduct business, some are learning how to roll with the punches and stay profitable.Though short term lenders have come under fire from critics and lawmakers,

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FDIC discussing new credit management rules

Apr 02, 2011 Brian Bradley

This week, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation discussed new proposals that would mandate securitizers to maintain "a material portion" of any managed assets with inherent credit risks. Specifically, the measure would set a

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Florida mandates drug screening for state employees

Apr 01, 2011 Matt Roesly

Florida Governor Rick Scott recently mandated new background screening measures that included a required drug test for nearly all newly hired public employees, while existing employees will face four random drug screenings per year. However,

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