Payment company boost profits by investing in prepaid products

Apr 01, 2020 Sean Albert

The use of prepaid products such as ACH cards has been increasing in the United States in the last few years. Many consumers are turning to the alternative financial solutions as they recognize them as viable alternatives to traditional banking

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Controversial short term lending crackdown another blow to Native American groups

Apr 01, 2020 Philip Burgess

The recent attempt by New York State's financial regulator Benjamin Lawsky to prohibit the use of online short term lending outlets operated by Native American tribes has put further strain on the Native American groups' finances. The New York

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As retail crime rises, need for fraud prevention becomes clear

Apr 01, 2020 Dave King

The rise of retail crime in the U.K., driven largely by a sharp increase of e-crime, should come as a warning sign for American retailers to ramp up their fraud prevention measures."Systematic targeting of higher value goods by organized criminals

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2014 could be a record year for American lenders

Apr 01, 2020 Walt Wojciechowski

Short term lending outlets, traditional banks and other loan providers could see a bumper year in 2014. As the global economy rebounds, financial experts are continuing the adopt a more optimistic outlook regarding the financial future of the

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How could blockchain change consumer lending services?

Mar 31, 2020 Dave King

Succeeding in today's consumer lending industry entails building an infrastructure designed to support digital products and services. CMOs and CFOs must collaborate with their technically minded colleagues to determine how the latest technologies can enable new services.

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