More Companies Embrace Mobile Payments, but is it a Good Thing?

Dec 02, 2019 MicroBilt News

Mobile payments continue to be on the rise as people find the convenience of ordering and buying items via mobile devices more convenient than standing in long lines.

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Top Pre-Employment Screening Trends Going into 2020

Nov 22, 2019 MicroBilt News

As a new year approaches, all eyes are on regulations winding their way through city, state, and federal courts related to pre-employment screening processes, tools, and trends.

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Landlords Get Help of Instant Screening Thanks to New Technology

Nov 15, 2019 MicroBilt News

Background screening tenants is a pivotal part of the process of leasing apartments, homes, and other properties. Historically, it has been part of the process that can take hours, days, and sometimes weeks. Thanks to new technology, landlords now have the ability to authenticate identity and conduct background screenings faster than ever before.

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Knowing the Difference Between ID Verification and ID Authentication

Nov 08, 2019 MicroBilt News

Identity verification is often confused with identity authentication. Unfortunately, the two offer extremely different levels of scrutiny. Simply verifying the identity of people is no longer adequate in many situations.

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Ensuring the Security of Your Business

Nov 01, 2019 MicroBilt News

Security for businesses today is more challenging than at any other time in history. Not only do business owners need to worry about threats outside your walls, but within them as well.

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