Short term lending demand may rise with higher consumer spending

Mar 17, 2014 Quinn Thomas

In the month after the holiday season, consumers generally curb spending. But, now that we are in March, expenditures are picking back up, which could spark short term lending demand. U.S. consumer spending increased more than expected in January,

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FTC: Identity theft tops consumer fraud complaints

Mar 17, 2014 Dave King

Identity theft is a crime that occurs daily, and it appears as though its frequency is picking up. According to a recent report from the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft topped the list of consumer complaints in 2013, contributing to

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What do lenders need to know about the new short term lending laws?

Mar 17, 2014 Philip Burgess

One of the tenets of running a business is that you shouldn't punish employees when they're working hard, producing good results for the company and are highly successful at what they do. This is common sense when taken in any context - why

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Wireless carriers, payment companies streamlining mobile payments

Mar 14, 2014 Dave King

One of the biggest reasons retailers have been reluctant to implement mobile payment portals into their operations is that the market for these tools is extremely fragmented. While a number of exciting mobile transaction startups have come

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More people want access to short term loans

Mar 11, 2014 Philip Burgess

As nearly anyone can assume, when times get tough, that's when consumers start becoming desperate. For instance, if a large storm is predicted, individuals are likely going to flock to supermarkets in droves in order to make sure they're adequately

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