Medical identity theft a growing concern

Mar 26, 2014 Dave King

Hospitals and other medical facilities do a great deal to protect personal information, but recent trends, such as bring-your-own-device, data breaches and cybercrime, which can lead to identity theft, are becoming a big concern.The 2013 HIMSS

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Improving the reputation of prepaid cards

Mar 24, 2014 Sean Albert

Although prepaid cards were once viewed by some as an obsolete option for paying bills, citizens throughout the United States are beginning to use them for that end. Banks and other financial institutions are issuing the alternative form of

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Mobile payment users spend more on digital channels

Mar 21, 2014 Dave King

Mobile payment systems have yet to become widespread in the United States but businesses would be wise to adopt this technology, as consumers who use it spend more than those who don't. According to "The Consumer View of Mobile Payments" study

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Legislators seek to challenge short term lenders

Mar 17, 2014 Philip Burgess

Lawmakers throughout the United States have criticized the short term lending industry as an unsavory market. Some officials have wrongly accused these companies for employing predatory methods, while others have lauded them for their ability

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Virtual, tangible techniques used by identity thieves

Mar 17, 2014 Dave King

The reach of identity thieves has grown considerably over the past few years. From malevolent figures working through digital environments to pickpockets stealing wallets, it's alarmingly easy for skilled criminals to obtain information capable

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