Outdated software puts companies at risk for identity theft

Apr 01, 2014 Dave King

An operating system that isn't receiving security updates is a danger to the company that uses it. The holes that are left by this sort of outdated software could allow hackers in and lead to a data breach. This is especially important for

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Credit monitoring not enough to protect against ID theft

Mar 31, 2014 Dave King

In lieu of the incident that put more than 100 million customers at risk for identity theft, Target offered free credit monitoring. However, experts say that this could provide a false sense of security, as this service alone isn't enough to

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Consumer spending expected to pick up soon

Mar 31, 2014 Quinn Thomas

Following the holiday season consumers generally pull back on spending to help ease the heightened level that occurs when buying gifts for friends and family as well as throwing parties. However, as temperatures warm and spring arrives, expenditures

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Short term lending without the credit check

Mar 27, 2014 Philip Burgess

Those that live hand-to-mouth, using every cent left on their weekly paychecks to pay for bills, groceries and other perfunctory expenses, are not exempt from experiencing car trouble or having a water pipe burst in their kitchen. Caught in

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Medical identity theft a growing concern

Mar 26, 2014 Dave King

Hospitals and other medical facilities do a great deal to protect personal information, but recent trends, such as bring-your-own-device, data breaches and cybercrime, which can lead to identity theft, are becoming a big concern.The 2013 HIMSS

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