New York changes debt collection rules after facing pressures

Jun 02, 2014 Philip Burgess

Across the nation, debt collectors get an unfair reputation and are often seen as professionals the average consumer doesn't want to deal with. There is a element of truth here, of course - working with a debt collection agent means that you've

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Millennials financially sound, but don't understand consumer credit

May 29, 2014 Walt Wojciechowski

Having grown up in a turbulent economic atmosphere, recent reports have shown that millennials are quite monetarily responsible - more so than preceding generations. However, their understanding of how consumer credit data is assembled leaves

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Lending crackdown coming if no one steps up

May 22, 2014 Quinn Thomas

For the past few years, so many individuals, from short term lenders themselves to lawmakers and constituents, have stepped up to the plate in support of the alternative credit market. Armed with the fact that these fiscal options have a long-standing

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Amazon could enter mobile payments space

May 14, 2014 Dave King

Some of the world's largest companies are beginning to enter the mobile payments space, and Amazon could be next. According to Retail Customer Experience, the online retailer hasn't revealed any plans, but it is in a good position to deploy

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Using analytics tools as risk management assets

May 13, 2014 Walt Wojciechowski

For credit unions, short term lenders, banks and other financial institutions, electronic processing has presented a whole new way of conducting business. Obtaining massive troves of credit data is no longer as challenging as it was during

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