Social media, software make alternative credit more transparent

Jul 08, 2014 Sean Albert

When people turn to alternative credit lenders to help them get out of a financial bind, some of them are somewhat confounded by what they've gotten themselves into. In turn, those on the other side of the deal find they need a better way to

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Houston collector faces massive fine: What can you learn?

Jul 07, 2014 Philip Burgess

The most savvy of workers can find a lesson in every situation that goes wrong within their industry. For instance, marketers who created a failed campaign might realize that they should have done some more focused research into their target

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Maine residents benefiting from short term lending

Jul 03, 2014 Quinn Thomas

For those living paycheck to paycheck, exploiting opportunities to capitalize on alternative credit seems like a viable option. Sometimes, unforeseen expenses occur that can set a household behind, tarnishing its residents' financial reputation.

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Lending scams persist: How to lead consumers down the right path

Jun 23, 2014 Sean Albert

In almost any industry, there is a majority of legitimate, upstanding entities that play by the rules and exist to help their clients. However, bad apples do persist and run the risk of ruining the entire reputation of the sector, no matter

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Education Department exercises new debt collection technique

Jun 19, 2014 Philip Burgess

Millions of college graduates have taken out either federal or private loans to help them pay costs related to attending secondary institutions. As a result, the nation's consumer credit has risen considerably over the past decade. A number

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