What happens when debt collectors have to contact the retired?

Dec 30, 2014 Phil Burgess

When a company is rightfully owed a sum of money, it has the right to employ a debt collection agency to get back the funds after the proper notice period has passed. It's as simple as that. People don't pay their bills for a number of reasons,

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An argument against interest rate caps

Dec 29, 2014 Sean Albert

Whether people have to pinch pennies around the holidays or face an unexpected expense in the middle of the summer, sometimes consumers have to contend with troubling economic times. What they decide to do when handling these issues, however,

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Is alternative finance actually alternative?

Dec 15, 2014 Sean Albert

We're at the point these days when thinking outside the box is encouraged in almost every instance. Sure, going by the book in some industries is still status quo, but by and large, coming up with creative solutions to problems is seen as a

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What to look for in a debt collection solution

Dec 03, 2014 Philip Burgess

Does a debt collection firm need software equipped with hundreds of features? Probably not. When scrutinizing what business professionals and consumers desire out of solutions, it's easy for the uninitiated to point toward "flash and trash"

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The hidden benefits of installment loans

Dec 02, 2014 Sean Albert

In this post-Global Recession world, it's not uncommon for individuals from any background to have money troubles, especially during this time of the year. As the holidays approach, many people stretch themselves a bit too thin.Just consider

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