How debt collectors can maintain composure during calls

Mar 04, 2015 Phil Burgess

Debt collection scams have been rampant, which means that collectors are being dragged under with them. Most recently, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made a statement about scammers posting as government agents to get money out

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Ways to offer alternative credit options to consumers

Mar 03, 2015 Sean Albert

Credit reports are sometimes not an enjoyable topic to speak about with consumers, as they can affect people's ability to receive the money they need. Some may think consumer credit data sums up the creditworthiness businesses have in an individual.

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The importance of background checks when hiring new employees

Feb 19, 2015 Quinn Thomas

Hiring new employees can be a daunting process. When managers begin to think about the undertaking they have to go through for each candidate, it can be tempting to consider skipping background checks. Some employers have gone so far as to

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How telephone scams affect debt collectors, consumers

Feb 12, 2015 Philip Burgess

Debt collectors face the challenge of overcoming two obstacles - proving their worth to the public and differentiating themselves from the con-men who pose in their place. It can be difficult for those in the business to be seen as assisting

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The expectations debtors have for collectors

Feb 09, 2015 Phil Burgess

With scams rampant, consumers are on the lookout for hoaxes more than ever. Customers are becoming more suspicious of debt collectors over the phone, which means professionals have to pay attention to what the debtor's expectations are during

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