Electronic payments thriving in modern marketplace

May 04, 2015 Dave King

The world continues to move away from traditional transaction processing and toward more advanced electronic payment systems, and this pertains to virtually every region given the fact that even emerging markets are getting on board with these

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Major shift toward alternative credit scoring

May 01, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

The use of traditional credit scores provided by major reporting bureaus appears to be on the decline, as a wealth of economic and social catalysts have ushered in a proverbial new age of financial services and decision making. Although alternative

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In focus: Alternative financing, credit's global spread

Apr 30, 2015 Sean Albert

Since the Great Recession, the financial sector's many arms have begun to evolve due to necessity, and the United States has already seen a major increase in the use of alternative financing and credit scoring as a result. Now, because of successful

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How the alternative credit market is beginning to use technology

Apr 13, 2015 Sean Albert

Alternative lending has remained competitive with big banks and financial institutions. Instead of having to comply with complex and often unyielding regulations, consumers can instead use these services."Lenders have the ability to do their

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The debt millennials face and how alternative credit can help

Apr 01, 2015 Sean Albert

Student loan debt has affected the economy and the way millennials approach credit and lenders. The massive burden many graduates have on their shoulders has also compromised their credit.According to Fusion, a number of millennials between

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