Virtualization is making debt collectors' lives easier

Jun 09, 2015 Phil Burgess

Nobody ever said that a debt collector's job is supposed to be stress-free. Finding solutions to difficult and varying circumstances can be challenging and mentally taxing. But recent developments in virtual collection technology should allow

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Individuals, small businesses should seek alternative lending

Jun 05, 2015 Sean Albert

Traditional lenders like banks often decline to offer financing to startups and small businesses due to insufficient or suboptimal credit scores. These companies can blossom into great assets for the economy, but they are frequently judged

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High hopes for alternative lending, credit

Jun 01, 2015 Sean Albert

Since the Great Recession, alternative financial services have been on a tear, and this is true for a wealth of segments including credit scoring, small business lending and short term financing. As necessity always acts as the mother of invention,

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Yet another catalyst for alternative financial services

May 28, 2015 Sean Albert

When the Great Recession struck the United States and started to impact the global economy, the ways in which businesses and consumers accessed financial services started to transform rapidly. One could argue that the alternative financial

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Trends in lending turn toward the alternative

May 26, 2015 Philip Burgess

The United Kingdom and Europe were immediately engaged in alternative financial services when the market first began to take shape not so long ago, and it appears as though these options are thriving today. When the global economy rose to prominence

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