4 ways alternative lenders are changing the game

Jul 23, 2015 Sean Albert

Traditional banks cut back on lending in the aftermath of the economic crisis, which hampered small businesses' abilities to grow. To fill this void, the alternative lending sector emerged and has since established itself as an option for SMBs

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Alternative credit scores are proving to be useful to new lenders

Jul 16, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

Many Americans are ignored by traditional credit rating systems, which only take into account certain factors that do not apply to everyone. For example, FICO's scores focus primarily on big ticket items like mortgage payments, auto loans and

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Short term lenders provide funding to underserved demographics

Jul 15, 2015 Quinn Thomas

For the most part, people with insufficient or poor credit histories are often not granted access to loans due to apprehension on the part of the lender. But people in this demographic tend to need immediate funding to help them through unexpected

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Consumers are turning to alternative lenders over banks

Jul 09, 2015 Sean Albert

In the wake of the financial crisis, banks became far more stingy in their lending practices, turning down more applicants than ever and charging high interest rates on those who were able to qualify for a loan. As a result, alternative lending

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Alternative lending provides fast-tracked funding

Jul 07, 2015 Sean Albert

Dealing with traditional lenders, like banks, can be a hassle due to the requirements, restrictions and timelines associated with securing a loan. Because of these drawbacks, many businesses and consumers seeking immediate funding have found

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