Sprint hit with fines over fees to low credit score customers

Nov 16, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

Many companies across the U.S. may use people's credit histories when it comes to determining all sorts of things, including eligibility and cost of borrowing. But sometimes, it is found that these policies of dealing with financially troubled

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Not enough people know the difference between credit scores, reports

Nov 13, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

At this point millions of Americans know full well that their credit history plays a major role in their everyday financial lives. It can determine everything from whether they have access to credit to what they end up paying for it. However,

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Businesses may need to do more to dispel credit score myths

Nov 04, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

Over the last several years, the importance of having a good credit score has become apparent to far more people across the country. Prior to the financial downturn, many Americans likely didn't realize just how crucial a quality score could

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What goes into a credit score?

Nov 02, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

Each year, millions of Americans may struggle with having a middling or low credit score, and their desire to improve their standing significantly may be something they're not able to achieve right away. However, with a little bit of hard work

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Do some balances improve credit scores?

Oct 05, 2015 Walt Wojciechowski

The problem that often arises when it comes to discussing credit standing is that consumers don't always know what does and doesn't impact their scores, even if they think they do. For instance, many people may believe that having some credit

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