GOP Rewrite of Dodd-Frank Act: How Could It Impact Lending Practices?

May 22, 2017 Walt Wojciechowski

The CHOICE Act proposes a restructure of the Consumer Financial Protection Act and regulatory reforms applicable to community banks. 

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Commercial Lending

May 15, 2017 Philip Burgess

Artificial intelligence may help commercial lenders analyze macroeconomic factors and business differentiators during the loan approval process. 

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3 Technologies That Are Boosting Anti-Money Laundering Efforts

May 01, 2017 Philip Burgess

Blockchain technologies, graph-based databases and biometric identification all offer promising opportunities for companies looking to enhance the effectiveness of their AML processes.

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3 Ways to Overcome KYC Requirement Challenges

Apr 28, 2017 Philip Burgess

Anti-money laundering and KYC obligations impose costs on customers and create negative experiences. What can FIs do to address this issue?

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How Could Trump's Regulatory Reform Impact Consumer Lending? Part Two

Apr 13, 2017 Philip Burgess

In Part Two of this series, we'll make an attempt to determine how Trump's executive orders will impact consumer lending.

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