Many millennials lack a credit track record

Sep 12, 2017 Walt Wojciechowski

Determining creditworthiness is a difficult task for many businesses whose customers are millennials. 

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FICO survey finds consumer fears tied to bank fraud and identity fraud

Aug 30, 2017 Philip Burgess

By helping to reduce the overall rate of these incidents, ID Verify can ultimately boost consumer confidence and make them more likely to seek out consumer credit options.

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Bitcoin may not be best for the underbanked

Aug 25, 2017 Philip Burgess

Bitcoin was once viewed as the perfect option for unbanked and underbanked consumers, many of whom have invisible credit. Increasing transaction fees call that assumption into question.

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Alternative credit aids the underbanked

Aug 23, 2017 Philip Burgess

Using alternative credit checks allows retailers and businesses to more confidently provide credit to the underbanked and tap into this huge potential market.

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Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac required to use alternate credit under new legislation

Aug 21, 2017 Philip Burgess

A new Senate bill would obligate government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to accept alternative credit scores.

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